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Neocons Now Openly Pushing for ‘Dark Horse Candidate’ General to Oust Trump

Unnerved over the idea of a Trump presidency, wealthy members of the GOP inner circle are desperately looking for a new candidate for the job, and one name has come up again and again – retired United States Marine Corps General James Mattis. Mattis, Neocon pundits openly write, may be the ideal “dark horse candidate” to save their new world order.

Over the last few months, James Mattis, a distinguished retired marine commander who last served as the head of US Central Command, has been repeatedly mentioned by neoconservative strategists and pundits as a possible antidote to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and even Hillary Clinton.

Known as ‘the Warrior Monk’ for his devotion to the military, the 65-year-old officer holds tremendous respect among the military, and has been called ‘the most revered Marine general’ in a generation by the Military Times.

Last week, a story in The Daily Beast revealed that a group of anonymous billionaire donors have decided to put their money where neocon strategists’ mouths are, assembling a team of high profile experts to study the possible popular reaction to a Mattis ticket, either as a Republican dark horse candidate in a contested convention, or a third party candidate in the general election in November.

The group, The Daily Beast noted, has already sent the retired general half a dozen strategy memos on how he might win.

The precedent exists, pundits say. In 1952, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was convinced to join the Republican primary race late in the game, ultimately defeating Robert Taft to secure the nomination and going on to win the presidency.

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