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Netflix Viewers Warned El Chapo Documentary Could Endanger Sean Penn’s Life

Hollywood actor Sean Penn fears assassination at the hands of a Mexican drug cartel because of a Netflix documentary, according to his lawyer. Sputnik discovers the hidden story behind The Day I Met El Chapo.

Netflix viewers have been warned that a documentary about a Mexican drug cartel boss could lead to the death of Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn.

The film, which was uploaded onto Netflix on Friday, October 20, claims Penn tipped off the US authorities when he met Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman in 2015.

‘Blood Will Be on Their Hands’

Penn’s attorney, Theodore J. Boutrous Jr., wrote an open letter warning Netflix of the danger they were putting his client in.

“They are hereby on notice that blood will be on their hands if this film causes bodily harm. It is reprehensible that, in their ongoing, relentless efforts to gain additional attention and publicity, Ms. del Castillo and her team (who have zero first-hand knowledge) have sought to create this profoundly false, foolish, and reckless narrative,” said Penn’s spokesperson, Mark Fabiani.

“The notion that Mr. Penn or anyone on his behalf alerted the Department of Justice to the trip is a complete fabrication and bald-faced lie. It never happened, nor would there have been any reason for it to have happened,” he added.



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