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New analysis of global temperatures over several centuries finds the Earth would have warmed the SAME amount even without industrialization

The Alt-Left has convinced itself and as many people as possible that because human beings dared to modernize, we are responsible for a “warming” trend that is destroying our planet.
As country after country began to industrialize, the theory goes, the resulting burning of fossil fuels has created a “greenhouse gas” effect that has led to a warming of temperatures; the more fossil fuels burned, the more greenhouse gases are produced, and the warmer the planet gets, thereby changing the climate in ways that will ultimately destroy us.
The Left is always quick in pointing to the latest “scientific” computer model “proving” the theory valid, even while failing to prove the theory. But any day now, any year, the theory will be proven, the Leftists assure us. Just wait and see.
But in the meantime they want us to give them all of our money — because it takes giving money away to poor countries to halt climate change — stop driving cars, stop heating with wood, coal and natural gas, and start living a much simpler, less technologically advanced life — regress, in other words — and things will start to improve.
It’s madness, and yet far too many people believe it.
What’s equally maddening is that far too few people believe actual data disproving the global warming/climate change theory, and that likely will include a new study by researchers Jennifer Marohasy and Dr. John Abbot, which found that global temperatures, which have warmed an average of one degree Celsius since the beginning of the Industrial Age in the 1830s, would have risen exactly the same amount even without human industrialization.


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