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New Leaked Documents Reveal Shocking Info About Profiling Assassination Targets


The Intercept series “The Drone Papers” exposes the inner workings of how the drone war is waged, from how targets are identified to who decides to kill. They expose a number of flaws, including that strikes have resulted in large part from electronic communications data, or “signals intelligence,” that officials acknowledge is unreliable. The documents reveal that targets were identified due to “so-called Arab features,” which includes being “taller than everyone else,” says Scahill. An investigative journalist, Sean Naylor, in his new book, “Relentless Stike,” tells a story of this method being used. Scahill explains, “how they struck a target because he was taller than the other people around him, and they thought that he—that that meant that he was sort of an Arab or a foreign fighter. And it turned out that he was of average size and that the people around him were children.”