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New study: At least 150,000 genital mutilated women in Sweden

The number of female genital mutilation in Sweden is increasing sharply and is likely to be multiply more than estimated so far. In the Stockholm region, therefore, major efforts are being made to educate and inform school and health care about these women’s big but hidden problems.

To get genital mutilation means getting parts of their abdomen cut away and put together. The purpose is to regulate the sexuality of women. In some countries, like Somalia, so-called Pharonic truncation occurs. Then, as much as possible, cut off the clitoris and inner and outer haemorrhages. Then the woman’s abdomen sews almost completely. A small opening is left for the urine to come out. Everything happens completely without anesthesia, usually before the girl is five years old.


Probably there are 150,000 genital mutilated women in Sweden right now, the study shows. But because genital mutilation is a very silenced problem, even that figure may be too low.




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