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NO, David Cameron – your family’s tax affairs are NOT a ‘private matter’

David Cameron’s double standards really are appalling. Here’s his official line on his family’s involvement in the Panama tax haven scandal, courtesy of Reuters:

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokeswoman declined to comment on Monday on whether the leader’s family had money invested in offshore funds set up by his father, saying it was a “private matter”.

Cameron’s late father, Ian Cameron, was among hundreds of thousands clients named in more than 11.5 million leaked documents from the files of a law firm based in the tax haven of Panama.

In 2012, British media reported that Cameron’s father ran a network of offshore investment funds to help build the family fortune.

Asked whether she could confirm that no family money was still invested in those funds, Cameron’s spokeswoman said: “That is a private matter, I am focused on what the government is doing.”




Oh, really?

The British people don’t think it’s private. They think it is a matter of public interest.

They want to know exactly why Cameron seems to have thought it’s okay for the rest of us to pay the taxes that allow his Conservative Government to operate, while he and his family – while living at public expense – have paid nothing themselves. And they took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

“Tories spend years saying the deficit means they HAVE to punish the poor,” wrote ‘Tom London’. “All the time the rich are dodging tax.


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