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‘No freedom’ in Australia, people ‘jailed for unpopular views’ – Fox News host


A Fox News host has slammed Australia’s gun legislation, claiming that “Australia has no freedom” and people “go to prison for expressing unpopular views” there. Australians have taken to social networks to mock the statement.

Tucker Carlson, a Fox political news correspondent, denounced Australia in a discussion on gun restrictions with co-host Clayton Morris.

“The other side of that argument, that people always throw out, of course, is like: ‘Look at Australia! They don’t have gun violence, they have no guns, their citizens aren’t allowed to have guns,’” Morris said.

“They also have no freedom. You can go to prison for expressing unpopular views in Australia and people do. And in Western Europe, by the way. And in Canada. No one ever says that,” Carlton said, interrupting.

Carlson was talking about Australia’s disputed laws on hate speech, which are supposed to compensate those who are the victim of discrimination or vilification on account of their race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Hardly anyone has been imprisoned under the legislation, though, according to a 2014 investigation.

Australians have mocked the statement on social networks.




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