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No sex with Russian or Chinese girls, UK MoD warns deployed staff



Top brass have been warned not to have sex with Russian and Chinese girls however stunning they may be, as it may turn out a ‘honeytrap’, a leaked UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) document says.

The paper, obtained by the Sunday Times,gives detailed instructions that the Russian intelligence, the FSB, may try to compromise and blackmail foreign agents “through knowledge of marital infidelity or sexual activity the target may wish to hide.”

Chinese intelligence, meanwhile, has a “voracious, vast and indiscriminate appetite” for all types of data, and allegedly recurs to blackmail as well.

The document states that Chinese intel agencies also recruit civilians to approach people from the West and collect information. As the paper puts it, “they do not ‘run agents’ they ‘make friends’.”

Those ‘friendly’ people are “expert flatterers” and are “well aware of the ‘softening’ effect of food and alcohol,” according to the document.

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Source: RT