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Nolte: Hollywood Finds Child Rape Hilarious

Hollywood might be all kinds of “woke” and hyper-sensitive and crippled by a censorious political correctness that declares countless topics and left-wing sacred cows verboten, but “joking” about raping children is totally cool.

Before we get started, please allow me to be very clear about something: this is not about policing jokes. I am a proud and out free speech extremist. No words should be off-limits, and no one should be personally destroyed over bad words or tasteless jokes. What’s more, our society could use some re-training in the all-important lesson that self-righteousness is a poison you give yourself, while forgiveness heals the spirit and soul.

Nevertheless, there is still an observation worth making here, because what we have on our hands is an entertainment industry that will ex-communicate you for being “insensitive” (toward anyone other than a conservative), that will blacklist you for voting in an “unapproved” way, that will publicly humiliate and “re-educate” you for telling “inappropriate” jokes, but has absolutely no problem with you telling countless jokes about raping a child, even a baby.


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