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Olympic Hero Usain Bolt Gives Devil-Worshiping Occult Hand Signs at End of Races

666 is the Devil’s number. It’s a number Usain Bolt is familiar with.

When Bolt is not running and then paying homage to the devil, he’s partying with his girlfriend, as seen in the second video in this post. That Jamaican party has a vooddo vibe to it as far as I’m concerned.

The occult, devil worship, and voodoo are things we normally associate with Afro-Caribbean culture. Thus, it’s not surprising there are so many photos of Bolt making incriminating signs.

Since some race realists believe that blacks have no souls, I won’t go into whether Bolt sold his soul to the devil. But a related issue is whether he makes these hand signs (many more photos are on the Internet than just the two seen here) because he’s demon possessed.

Since I accidentally walked in on a Satanic ritual at the university more than a decade ago, I know that many people secretly worship Satan and that the number of his recruits seems to be growing.

What’s your opinion on these bizarre actions by a leading Olympian?

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Usain Bolt Illuminati Plaything



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