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OPERATION GLADIO: A Warning to Syriza and Greece?


Two Greeks and eight French were killed when a “Greek F16 fighter jet crashed at Albacete airbase in central Spain”. The jet was taking part in a training exercise in a “Tactical Leadership Programme of NATO”.

Syriza’s election represents a direct attack on Anglo-American and NATO aims for the world; as their anti-austerity policies reject the financial oligarchy’s IMF. A definitive analysis has been assembled detailing how Hollande’s recent change in rhetoric, refusing to demonize Putin in particular, could have posed a strong motive for the recent attack in Paris.

Such a theory is not beyond the realms of possibility. One only needs to look towards Operation Gladio, a NATO stay-behind operation during the Cold War that sought to ensure Communism was never able to gain a foothold in Europe; by supporting radical right-wing groups to suppress, through acts of terrorism, any attempts of Communist groups to acquire power.

This historical context, combined with the rise of anti-Western financial oligarchy Syriza party in Greece, makes this jet crash “accident” a story that could potentially just be the tip of an approaching iceberg. Is this Operation Gladio back in action once again; sending a message to Greece that their policy direction needs to remain in favour of Western financial interests? Unfortunately for NATO, it is not only the Greeks they have to deal with as the world begins to turn on Western oligarchy.


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