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Osama bin Laden Voice Actor Reveals He Faked Propaganda Videos


In an interview with the New York Times, a former ABC News intern reveals that he was responsible for “faking” Osama bin Laden’s accent, which the network used to dub over various bin Laden videos and broadcast to the world. 

The 22 year old intern worked on ABC’s program “Nightline”, and as soon as the September 11 attacks occurred he was asked by a producer to voice-over an English translation of bin Laden’s alleged “confession”. reports:

In hindsight, this was not something a rational brown male should’ve volunteered for so enthusiastically.

My first time in the recording booth, I was feeling my way through. I sat up straight, careful not to rustle any papers, which the sensitive microphones would pick up. In truth, I was trying my best to not sound like the immature college kid I knew in my heart I still was.


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