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Over 100,000 sign petition opposing Satanic ‘black mass’ in Oklahoma government building


A Satanic group is scheduled to hold a “black mass” at the government-owned Oklahoma City Civic Center in August, prompting more than 107,000 people to sign an online petition demanding that the event be cancelled.

Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, a Satanist group co-founded by registered sex offender Adam Daniels, is set to hold a so-called black mass at a performing arts center in Oklahoma City on August 15.


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“The consumption of the Mary by Jai Kali Maa, is an event that will have two seperate [sic] rituals that will show the evolution from Satanism to Ahrimanism. The first ritual will [be] the black mass as done in 2014, and the second ritual will be the consumption of Mary by Jai Kali Maa. The second ritual will educate the public on the practice of Ahrimanism,”the description of the event says on Oklahoma City Civic Center’s upcoming shows page.

A traditionalist Catholic organization, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), said in the petition that the black mass “offends more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide, 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma and countless more God-loving Americans,”calling for the city to cancel it.

The group’s petition has so far managed to garner over 107,000 signatures, with a goal of reaching 200,000.

“Every Black Mass is a direct, deliberate and sinful act of hatred against God. Often, a Consecrated Host is stolen from a Catholic Church and then used to desecrate, mock and insult the Catholic Mass,”the petition states. “The Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ is attacked in a most vile and unspeakable manner. These insults against God are not only offensive to Christians, but also repulsive to everyone of good will.”


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