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‘Peaceful’ EU Wants Laser Weapon Which Can Disintegrate Human Heads

The European Union, long-promoted as a ‘peace project’ by supporters, is seeking to create a laser weapon which can disintegrate human heads.

European Commission research programmes officer Dr Erno Vandeweert bragged that the 100-kilowatt weapon, which has been likened to the famous Moonraker laser from the James Bond film franchise, would be so powerful that if its beam struck a human target “the whole head would disappear”.

But there are concerns that the rush to begin the project before Brexit are an attempt to cut the legs from under Britain’s own pioneering Dragonfire laser — with the help of British tech and EU budget contributions.

“Anyone who thinks British taxpayers should pay for [European Commission President] Jean-Claude Juncker to play Blofeld with a giant ray gun must be off their heads already,” remarked Taxpayers’ Alliance chief executive John O’Connell


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