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Pensioner claims to have found Hitler’s hidden nuclear bombs in underground tunnels

Peter Lohr believes the shapes of what he has detected are the same as atomic b

A hobby-historian from eastern Germany claims to have found Hitler’s nuclear bombs in an underground bunker.

Peter Lohr, 70, used a ground penetrating radar in the Jonas Valley in Thuringia where he says he came across large caverns underground.

Mr Lohr, who is a trained mechanical engineer, says the shape of the objects are the same as nuclear weapons. He used 3D image technology to identify five large objects, of which two he claims are atomic bombs.

“The metal’s been lying there for 71 years. At some point it will decay and then we will have a second Chernobly on our hands,” he told local paper Bild.

Mr Lohr has been told by authorities he cannot carry on his research.


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