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Photo of Clinton having trouble with stairs fuels rumors of bad health

Hillary Clinton’s health could be taking a nose-dive, people are speculating, after a February photo re-emerged, showing the presidential candidate escorted by staffers up a flight of stairs on the campaign trail in South Carolina.

The worrying photographs, circulated by major agencies, show Clinton, 68, being led up the stairs of what looks like a private home. Breitbart and other media have ventured a guess that Clinton’s well-documented brain injuries could be causing even mundane daily tasks to seem difficult at times



The photos re-emerged on social media on Sunday, but were taken during the South Carolina leg of the campaign in February. In January, Breitbart reported that Clinton was facing serious health issues stemming from a prior brain injury, citing law enforcement sources with inside connections to the campaign. Media outlets were awash with speculation when the former secretary of state took an unusually long bathroom break.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, however, is denying the re-appearing photo has anything to do with Clinton’s health, saying she just “slipped.”

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