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PLANET-X NIBIRU Final Hour October 25th 2015

Planet-x documentary with new evidence from October 25th 2015.

These objects are real and are hidden from you on purpose! These objects are mentioned on bible(wormwood) Judgment day is upon us, Pray and get saved or trust your goverment to save you. Below are instructions on how to get saved.

Still in denial about October-November 2015 destruction(Judgment day) coming and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? Not believer? Better think again…
You have no time left and you really don’t want to be wrong about this one decision in your life.
This is REALITY! And this video is supposed to scare you straight! GOD is real,
HEAVEN(new Jerusalem) is real and Hell is real! You are spiritual being having an earthly experience,
those who can WAKE UP will be saved before the disasters(RAPTURE). Others cannot escape from dying and going to hell.
If you have desided to TRUST on technology and “modern world” you are going to have rude awakening to the real reality.
If you do not have any relationship with our God, you do not have a book of life for you. This means God does not know you.
God does NOT send anyone to hell, everybody chooses themself to go there if they do not want to hear from God.
Hell is a place prepared for satan and his deminions inside this rock, it was never done for humans,
that is why God has removed all the Godly attributes from hell(joy, love, goodness, sleep, peace, quiet, all positives).
Everyone who goes to hell, gets a “new” body, so that they will feel and experience the everyday torment and pain that demons will give you.


You will die once, every day in hell, only to be woken up again and starting all over again, forever. Believe me, this is no place for humans,
so don’t take the chance you might be wrong! All you need is to pray Jesus to forgive your sins and repent and you will be saved from all.
Those who will never believe this truth, are no longer children of the light, the whole process we are going trough right now is meant to separate
those who are foolish enough to follow fallen angels, and they have no longer place in Kingdom of Heaven.
So make a choice or it will be done without you.