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Planet X/Nibiru Exists! Scientist Found Evidence For The Ninth Planet

There might be a ninth planet in the solar system after all, and it is not Pluto! The features of the new planet remind us of the stories about Planet X/Planet Nibiru today – the Annunaki’s planet, the planet of Gods.
Seems like they were not just stories.

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology have declared that they found strong evidence of a ninth planet in our Solar System. Since Pluto is not considered a planet anymore, it lost its 9th place in the solar system.

“We are pretty sure there’s one out there,” said Michael E. Brown, a professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.

The new planet which orbits the Sun in about 10,000-20,000 years reminds us of Planet Nibiru, the so-called planet of Gods.
Can it actually be the planet of our creators?

NASA has acknowledged the existence of the evidence, but they chose to remain yet skeptical about the ninth planet.

The name “Nibiru” is derived from the works of the ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology. They say that the ancient gods from Egypt were coming from the Planet Nibiru, the only planet which was not discovered in our solar system. Planet Nibiru is believed to be the nowadays Planet X.

This might be the planet they don’t want you to know.