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Please do this before you get hacked

What I’m about to tell you is a bit scary. But as you’ll see, it could easily happen to anyone. So please read this in full… and then go change your passwords.

We have a friend whose email was hacked some time ago. It happened because, as many people tend to do, she used a very simple password for her email and logged in over an unsecure network, allowing hackers to easily grab it.

What’s more, she used the SAME password for multiple other online accounts. So when the hackers obtained her email password, they could also access her bank account.

After obtaining access to her email account, the hackers combed through years and years of old files and emails until they found a document with her signature on it, along with other key personal information.

From there, they created a phony contract that made it appear she was buying a property for $500,000, and then they Photoshopped her signature at the bottom of it.

The contract looked completely legitimate. So when they faxed it over to the bank, along with wire instructions to please transfer $500,000 out of her bank account, the bank believed the scam.

The hackers were also able to log in to her bank account and send internal messages to the bank, ‘confirming’ the wire transfer.



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