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Police Find Rocket Launcher and Other Weapons in French No-Go Zone Subur

French police discovered a cache of weapons over the weekend, including a bazooka, in the no-go Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis only a day after young men had robbed officers of their weapons in the same suburb.

The police say they found an American-made anti-tank bazooka along with several other weapons, a large quantity drugs, and police equipment in a bike shed in the troubled suburb. The raid is likely connected to organised crime in the area as the information leading to the operation came from the Central Organisation for the Fight Against Organised Crime (OCLCO), L’Express reports.

Police were able to track down two men, one of which admitted to owning the weapons. Police say in addition to the anti-tank weapon, they seized high power explosives, 12-gauge shells and 9mm ammunition, two sawn-off shotguns, and police equipment which authorities believe would be used to sow confusion or allow suspects to escape police detection.


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