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Police/DHS are using 200,000 garbage trucks and possibly 300K people to spy on Americans




According to an article in Popular Mechanics dated November 2015 in a section called “Great Unknowns” a reader submitted this question…

“How many operating garbage trucks are there in the United States?”

“All things considered, we think a reasonable estimate would put the total number of garbage trucks somewhere within clattering-can-throwing distance of 2000,000. Sweet dreams.”

Popular Mechanics admits they’re using figures from 2001 and the number could be higher.

Doing the math if only half of the trucks (100K) use a single driver to save money that’s a total of 100,000 garbage men. Which leaves us with 100K garbage trucks remaining. If you figure they use two people a driver and a loader, that adds up to 200K garbage men. This brings the total to roughly 300,000 spying garbage men!

Republic Services the second largest waste disposal company behind Waste Management also trains their employees to spy on Americans!

Republic Services calls their garbage spying program “We’re Looking Out for You” and claims it’s a
crime prevention and safety enforcement initiative that enlists the active participation of Republic Services drivers, in cooperation with law enforcement and emergency services, to reduce crime and maintain neighborhood safety.  (Click here to view the Pdf)

“One of the many ways we uphold safety as a good neighbor is the We’re Looking Out For You Community Partnership Program. Republic Services’ drivers have been trained to observe and report any suspicious events, crimes in progress, traffic accidents and other emergency situations while serving millions of customers everyday. Our extra eyes and ears serve as an invaluable crime prevention and safety measure in our community.”

Just how many ears and eyes are we talking? How does anywhere from 400,000 to 500,000 SPYING ears and eyes sound? The numbers could be higher if there are more than 200K garbage trucks in the U.S.

“Republic Services drivers will be a neighborhood watch resource by serving as extra and alert “eyes and ears” in the community. “

“Drivers, supervisors and dispatchers are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in the communities that they serve.”

“In addition, dispatchers are trained on procedures for reporting incidents to local law enforcement or emergency services agencies.”

“Drivers witnessing an emergency situation or suspicious activity relay the problem to dispatch, which in turn, contacts the appropriate authorities.”

According to the Daily Republic News, Republic Services employees have been spying for police in Fairfield California since 2013:

Division Manager Tony Cincotta said City Manager Sean Quinn discussed the idea to team police with garbage collectors in the past and the two sides finally made it happen. He said the department sent an employee to help train the drivers in what to look for and even how to be better witnesses.

“If something is out of place, a driver is going to be the one who knows it,” Cincotta said. “Our drivers know their customers. And a lot of people already think we are city workers.”

But they’re not city workers and that’s the PROBLEM! Paying hundreds of thousands of private contractors to spy on INNOCENT Americans is a huge F***ing PROBLEM!

Police Chief Walt Tibbet said teaming with Republic is yet another way the city has upped its community policing.

San Jose California is considering using garbage trucks equipped with license plate readers to spy on everyone:

Mayor Sam Liccardo and Councilmen Johnny Khamis and Raul Peralez proposed that the city consider strapping license plate readers to the front of garbage trucks, allowing them to record the plates of every car along their routes. The data would be fed directly to the Police Department from the privately operated trash trucks, prompting an officer to respond to stolen vehicles or cars involved with serious crime.

“I got this idea from a police captain, and I thought it was a great idea, We’re merely looking for advice to see if it’s doable” Khamis said.

In September of this year I warned everyone that garbage trucks have been spying on Americans since 2010 and how they want to record everyone’s license plate.



Police in Antioch, California asked Republic Services garbage truck drivers to openly spy on citizens, claiming it’s for their Neighborhood Watch program!

“These (workers) know the neighborhoods like the back of their hands, so if they see suspicious activity, they can document it,” said Councilman Tony Tiscareno, who pitched the idea to Republic Services’ general manager after learning that in the mid-1990s the city had enlisted the cooperation of its previous trash collection contractor for the same purpose.

The “We’re Looking Out For You” campaign amounts to a loose-knit privatized Neighborhood Watch group on a massive scale.

Still think this is just another conspiracy theory?  Last month Seattle was sued because garbage men are spying on residents trash!

Fox News reported:

Nine full-time solid waste inspectors have been hired as part of a controversial program to check city trash to make sure people are recycling. Additionally, contracted waste haulers have been effectively deputized as trash police, given the authority to tag bins when people fail to recycle and compost enough.

“This food waste ban uses trash collectors to pry through people’s garbage without a warrant, as Washington courts have long required for garbage inspections by police,” Ethan Blevins, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation said.

“I understand people have noble goals, but at some point we have to say, you can’t violate my rights to achieve this noble goal” Keli Carender said.