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Polish MP: Poroshenko Has ‘Lost Control Over His Country and Over Himself’

A Polish MP told Polish press earlier this week that Petro Poroshenko has ‘lost control over his country and himself’, and that the world must not listen to the president’s appeals, which threaten to unleash a new World War.

Polish parliamentarian and national football legend Jan Tomaszewski came out with an extremely sharp criticism of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, telling Polish tabloid Super Express that the Ukrainian president has lost control of his country and himself, and noting that the world community must not allow Poroshenko to lead the world to the precipice of a Third World War.

Tomaszewski’s angry outburst toward Poroshenko began over a question about the president’s appeal to countries to boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Sochi. A former goalie for the Polish National Football Team at the 1974 World Cup, Tomaszewski was unequivocal in his criticism.

“President Poroshenko has lost control not only over Ukraine, but over himself as well,” Tomaszewski exclaimed. “Among other things, he started the civil war in Ukraine…and now he wants the whole world to pull hot coals out of the fire for him. Besides, didn’t Ukrainian athletes compete in Sochi?”

“Now I hear that Mr. Poroshenko in his dirty boots wants to trample the flag of FIFA and the IOC,” Tomaszewski continued. “It seems to me that this man should contact a doctor. Ukrainian athletes won medals in Sochi despite the civil conflict at home, and good on them! Poroshenko should not mix sports with politics.”

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