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Poltergeist Curse – Just an Unnerving Hollywood Fluke?

Silly Superstition or is the Poltergeist Curse Something Real?

Are curses real? Can a Hollywood set or crew be haunted? This is what many people have asked themselves about the blockbuster hit trilogy, Poltergeist, due to the uncanny number of tragedies on and off the set. Most people remember the sweet blond girl, Heather O’Rourke, who plays little Carol Ann. She was the main target of the poltergeist in the movies. Her real-life death before the completion of the third movie shocked the world. However, because there were so many other deaths and darkness surrounding those involved with the trilogy, fans have dubbed the phenomena the Poltergeist Curse.

“They’re here!”

Those two words helped to promote a film series of the 1980s that is often regarded in the same sentences as the likes of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies. The Poltergeist trilogy is the story of a family called the Freelings. The moment this middle class family moves into their new home in a typical American suburb, odd things begin to happen. During a violent storm, the truth about their new home is revealed; the entire neighbourhood has been constructed on top of an abandoned graveyard that no-one but the developers knew about. The souls that have been horribly desecrated look to take out revenge on the Freeling children in particular. Thus, in the story, the family faces their own poltergeist curse.



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