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Possible Connection Between George Soros And Democratic Socialist

A few new details have been reported that suggest a revealing link between democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her alleged link to George Soros, one of the most highly criticized names in politics. The report suggests that Soros had helped give Cortez’s career a slight boost in what was an attempt to have hundreds of people who were supposedly similar to Bernie Sanders land jobs in Congress.

It’s stated that Cortez worked under Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential campaign as a former organizer. It’s also suggested that her win in the Democratic primary was assisted by far-left groups who linked to Soros and that social/online media played an important role in Cortez’s own campaign and victory.

Is any of this true? It might be. Is it a far-fetched conspiracy? Absolutely not. The information we received came from another website, so that should be noted. I cannot confirm if the information in the quote below is accurate, but I am sharing it with you. It did come from the Daily Caller News Foundation and they are very strict on their writers with sticking to facts and their editors don’t allow commentary unless it’s in an opinion based editorial.


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