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President Hollande urges EU leaders to unite against Trump

French President Francois Hollande has urged European leaders to form a united front against US President Donald Trump’s stance and remarks that are allegedly aimed at destroying the integrity of the European Union by advocating other nations to follow Brexit.

The French leader made the remarks on the sidelines of a half-day informal summit with six other EU leaders in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, on Saturday, adding that the EU member states should stick to their principles and defend their interests.

“Whenever there are statements coming from the president of the United States on Europe and whenever he talks of Brexit as a model for other countries, I believe we should respond,” Hollande said, referring to the outcome of a June 2016 referendum, in which British people voted to leave the EU, commonly known as Brexit.

There are concerns that Brexit would set off a domino effect, with other EU member states opting to withdraw from the bloc.


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