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Pressured Partnership: Leaked TTIP Papers Reveal US Drive to Get EU Markets

Leaked copies of the confidential negotiation documents on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) obtained by the German media, reveal that the US is putting significantly more intense, far-reaching pressure on the European Union than previously thought in order to get access to the European market.

According to the documents, Washington is threatening to prevent the easing of exports for the European car industry in order to force Europe to buy more US agricultural products.

The secret papers, consisting of 240 pages, have been obtained by Greenpeace and later provided to the German Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and the German radio and television stations WDR and NDR.

Among others, the papers reveal that Washington was blocking European car exports into the US to force the 508-million-population EU to buy more environmentally risky US farm produce, the newspaper says.


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Pressured Partnership: Leaked TTIP Papers Reveal US Drive to Get EU Markets