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Preview of things to come in America: Refugees fight over food in Europe’s version of a FEMA camp


Even the usually docile, uber-tolerant Europeans are likely getting fed up with the tens of thousands of migrants flowing into the continent from the war-torn Middle East, where a failure of U.S. leadership and an escalation of conflict in Syria by Russia is likely to drive even more people eastward.

One reason why European hospitality and tolerance could be waning is due to what many see as the regrettably ungrateful nature of some of the newly arrived, but not universally accepted, “guests.”

Given this scenario, what is happening to the migrants — from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Egypt — is likely a precursor to what life will be like in the United States if the government ever finds it necessary to mass-incarcerate large segments of the population.

In recent days, more than 60 people were injured at a tented refugee camp in Germany after a mass riot erupted over food. As reported by the UK Daily Mail, the melee forced police to break up a huge brawl involving an estimated 400 refugees.

The paper further reported:

“The riot at Calden near Kassel came on the the same day Germany’s biggest police union called for a new ‘apartheid’ system to be enforced in refugee homes — the separation of people according to religion — after a number of flare ups in recent weeks.

“Meanwhile, Germany’s domestic intelligence chief warned of a radicalization of right-wing groups amid a record influx of migrants as xenophobic rallies and clashes shook several towns at the weekend.”

The paper added that conservative politicians are supportive of calls by some in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to construct separated refugee centers; they say Christians in the homes are being persecuted and harassed by hardline Muslims, which tends to happen frequently in the Muslims’ home countries.