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Pro-Kiev Commander: ‘We Will Burn Down Crimea, With All Its Residents’



You can take the leader out of his battalion, but you can’t take the battalion out of its leader: a Ukrainian MP has issued outrageous threats against Crimea and threatened to torch its population.

The militantly pro-Ukrainian Dnipro Battalion leader- turned-MP Yuri Bereza has promised to burn down Crimea, with all of its residents (if needed), vociferously refusing to “liberate the peninsula in a somewhat cultural manner.”

Pro-Ukrainian Dnipro Battalion leader Yuri Bereza, who has also been an MP since Ukraine’s 2014 parliamentary elections, has promised to burn down Crimea, adding that its residents will also be burnt, if needed.

The saber-rattling politician, did not specify who might need the people to be burnt and why, but added that no one would make them “liberate the peninsula in somewhat cultural manner.”


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