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Progressive Insurance Tracking Device Disabling Vehicles While Driving, Thousands Claim

Thousands of drivers across the country are blaming the Progressive Auto Insurance “Snapshot,” a small device which monitors and tracks a user’s driving habits, for disabling their vehicles without warning.

One such driver, who acquired the device after hearing of the potential for lowered insurance premiums, says he first noticed something amiss after his vehicle’s dashboard lights began malfunctioning.

“I’m a pretty safe driver, but I was driving even safer,” James Manning told WBZ-TV.

As his vehicle’s performance slowly deteriorated, Manning says the issue became dire when his vehicle unexpectedly shut off in the middle of traffic as he drove his daughter and nephew to school.

“It was pretty scary,” Manning said. “I had to yank the car to the right to safely pull it into a parking lot since it didn’t have any power steering or power brakes.”

After having his car towed to a nearby mechanic, Manning was told that the problem was a simple issue with the battery, easily remedied with a replacement and tune-up.

Despite following the mechanic’s advice, Manning became convinced that the Snapshot was responsible after his vehicle and power steering failed once again.

“At that point, I’m thinking the Snapshot device was responsible,” Manning said.

Manning says his vehicle has returned to normal since removing the device.

According to court documents obtained by WBZ-TV, Progressive has received as many as 8,121 similar complaints from Snapshot users. Although Progressive denies its customers reports, the company has paid out $582,009 in claims since February 2014.