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Putin says the EU is MORE of a dictatorship than the SOVIET UNION as he slams Brussels

Putin has hit out at the rampant federalism of the European Union, saying many countries within the bloc feel uninvolved in key sovereign decisions.

While claiming it was “up to Europeans” to decide what was best for them, he claimed the European Union had stricter control on member states than the Soviet Union’s supreme council.

It comes after the Russian president was accused of plotting the downfall of the bloc, with Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev accusing the nation of dividing Europe to conquer it.

Mr Putin said: “They have have sovereign nations with a small superstructure or they have a quasi-federalist state. These are the two concepts for Europe.

“They have more decisions made in Brussels than the Supreme Council in the Soviet Union did so its a high level of federalisation.

“I don’t know if its good or bad for Europe – it is up to Europeans themselves to decide about that.

“There are certain countries in Europe who object to the current migrant policy and they want to be involved in the decisions more.


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