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Ready for war: Rare photos reveal China’s HYPERSONIC ‘dragon’ strike aircraft and tunnel

RARE photos of China’s super speed aircraft and hypersonic JF12 wind tunnel have emerged at a time when tensions remain high in the South China Sea and Korean Peninsula.

It comes as a US warship carried out threatening manoeuvres near the contested Chinese islands in the South China Sea last month.

China has previously described US military drills in the region as behaviour that “threatened the sovereignty of the South China Sea countries”.

Now in a rare broadcast, Beijing has revealed what is believed to be four of its super speed strike aircraft, including the ‘hyper dragon’ and its new hypersonic tunnel.

The October 8 broadcast, which has newly emerged, shows the JF12 shock wave wind tunnel being used for testing.

A high-speed strike vehicle part can be seen hoisted by a crane into the tunnel which has been built in the nation’s capital Beijing.



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