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Refugees living in former Nazi death camp Buchenwald where thousands were killed

Refugees fleeing war torn countries are being housed in a former Nazi death camp where thousands of slave labourers died after being subject to medical experiments.

The former barracks of the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany, where Nazi SS officers killed thousands of prisoners during the Second World War, is now the home of 21 male asylum seekers while they wait to be moved by the government.

Around 250,000 prisoners from across Europe were kept at the concentration camp, one of the largest in Germany, since its opening – with more than 56,000 slave-labourers dying there between July 1937 and April 1945.

The original labour buildings have since been demolished but critics have slated the decision to reopen the camp as a home for refugees, a decision that was originally announced by the German government in January.


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