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Return of Berlusconi? Former Italian PM scoops huge election victory

Mr Berlusconi campaigned tirelessly for right wing coalition candidate Nello Musumeci, who was backed by the controversial former leader’s Forza Italia, the Northern League, and Brothers of Italy.

Now analysts believe Mr Berlusconi may surge back into frontline politics as an insurgent voice of the centre right.

On Monday, the four-time former prime minister’s right-wing bloc relished the huge political victory in regional elections in Sicily. Silvio, as his die-hard adoring acolytes simply call him, was back in the driver’s seat.

“Berlusconi is Alive,” was the headline in La Verita, a right-wing newspaper, on Tuesday.

The mainstream Corriere della Sera ran a cartoon showing Mr Berlusconi, wrapped in a burial shroud, emerging from a tomb like Lazarus in the New Testament.


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