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Russia Develops New Technology That Can Disable All American Drones

Microwave gun can deactivate Drone radio electronics

There is growing tension between Russia and America and this invention won’t do anything to ease that. Russia have now developed a new super-high-frequency gun which is capable of deactivating Drone‘s (unmanned ariel vehicles) at a range of 10 kilometres on impact ensuring a 360 degree perimeter defence.

It was announced by Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) that the gun has been developed for BUK missile systems it was reported by Sputniknews.

A representative for the corporation stated the new technology is able to deactivate Drone radio electronics and also the warheads of multiple precision weapons.

The new technology, aptly named the microwave gun, has been in development for Russia’s Defence Ministry and will be demonstrated at an international event organised by the Russian Defence Ministry, Roscosmos and Rostec, which will be held on the 16 -19 June.

The characteristics of the new techonology has not been revealed by the representatives yet, but the only information known about the microwave gun is that it is able to impact UAV’s from 10 kilometres with a defence perimeter of 360 degrees.





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The system is capable of out-of-band suppression of the radio electronic equipment of low-altitude aircraft and the assault elements of precision weap