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Russian Photographer goes insinde Chernobyl reactor 4


These days some in the media are commemorating the Chernobyl incident, or as they call it in Russia, “The Chernobyl Catastrophe”. The reason is because it happened exactly thirty years ago, in April 1986. So we decided to post something too. We posted the best spooky shots we could get our hands on. The story is as follows. Just four years after the incident, in the year 1990, a Russian photographer went right inside the destroyed reactor building, the most dangerous place in Chernobyl, and took those photos. Scary.

Right here is where it all happened. Inside Reactor No. 4. What a brave photographer, huh?

What shocks us most, it was a woman. Yes, a woman-photographer risked her life to bring these photos to you 26 years later.

This is what she saw there.