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Russia’s upper house speaker says Kiev will inevitably stand trial for war in Donbass

In the past two days, armed clashes intensified in Donbass close to the line separating the areas controlled by the Kiev government and the self-proclaimed republics of eastern Ukraine

Russia’s Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko has said she has no doubt that the Ukrainian authorities will face trial for the war in Donbass.

“I have no doubt that sooner or later there will be trial over the people who are at war in Donbass with their own people,” Matviyenko said. The images provided by journalists these days will serve as evidence of crimes committed by Ukraine’s forces and people who gave the orders, she said.

The upper house speaker also considers as provocation the actions of Ukraine’s authorities near the industrial zone of Avdeyevka, where fighting has escalated over the past days.

“Global practice shows that there is no military solution to domestic conflicts. The Kiev authorities should know about this, but they deliberately carry out provocations,” Matviyenko stressed.


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