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Russophobia And Anti-Trumpism Running Wild In America

War-profiteers, neocons infesting the Obama administration, the CIA under John Brennan, NSA head admiral Michael Rogers, and other pro-Hillary dark forces are going all-out to assure no change in US geopolitics – along with wanting Trump denied the presidency he legitimately won.

They notably want adversarial relations with Russia maintained, heading for war between the world’s leading nuclear powers if not stopped.

For them, the notion of Trump wanting normalized ties, including cooperating with Vladimir Putin in combating terrorism, is anathema – to be quashed by whatever means necessary, a no-holds-barred assault for the status quo.

Throughout months of campaigning, media scoundrels played the lead role in denigrating Trump relentlessly, serving as press agents for Hillary, turning journalism into shameless advocacy.

They play the same role in longstanding vilification of Russia – not because of its policies, solely because of its sovereign independence and Putin’s outspoken anti-imperial, anti-war advocacy.

The fever pitch of things today is unprecedented in my memory, McCarthyism on steroids, along with a plot afoot to deny Trump his electoral triumph, things on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny.

The neocon, CIA-connected Washington Post long ago fell from grace, today making the National Enquirer look respectable by comparison.


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