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Samsung is reportedly working on an 11K screen, claims it can create 3D illusions

A recent report claims that Samsung is working with an industry consortium in a bid to create ultra-high definition screens, with some additional investment from the South Korean government. The new project, dubbed EnDK, will focus on building an 11K display in partnership with 13 unnamed foreign companies and a total of $26.5 million dollars of government funding. Apparently Samsung is hoping to have a prototype display by the 2018 Olympics.

The Korea IT News claims Samsung is targeting 2,250 pixels per square inch, which works out to a shade less than 11,520 by 6480 pixels on a 5.1-inch screen. Put in pixel terms, that’s a massive 74 megapixels. Modern 1080p screens are two megapixels, 4K displays are eight megapixels, and even hypothetical 8K displays top out at 32MP. In short, Samsung wants to slam on the gas to build ultra-dense displays and it claims that doing so would create images so vivid “there is an optical illusion where it is same as watching 3D screen. Because 11K is able to show screen colors in detail, it is able to show 3D-effect.”

This is a rather strange claim. There are already existing technologies for using glasses-free 3-D — Sharp has previously marketed 3D LCD panels and Nintendo’s 3DS uses a parallax barrier already to create 3D imagery. An 11K display might have astonishing levels of clarity and detail, but such features aren’t enough to create what’s typically thought of as a 3D image. We reached out to Dr. Raymond Soneira, to see if we’d missed something. Dr. Soneira runs DisplayMate and regularly puts together some of the most comprehensive screen evaluations in the entire display business.



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