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Samsung new Galaxy Note 7 explodes in Asia

We have shocking news for you today as we have reports that a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has exploded in Asia while it was being charged. As you can probably imagine, everyone is trying to figure out what actually went wrong, but the only thing we know so far is that a micro-USB to USB Type-C converter was being used to charge the smartphone. Take a look at the photos to get an idea of the situation.

Samsung Note 7 after exploded

It is unclear as to where it happened exactly, but China seems to be the country as that’s where the images came from. After taking a look at the post-explosion photos, we are not entirely sure if the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can be called “safe” anymore, unless someone comes up with a convincing explanation that says otherwise. In the meanwhile, be sure to only use Samsung certified chargers, cables and converters with your Samsung smartphones. As a rule of thumb, no smartphone should be kept near a source of heat or where there is a chance of liquid damage. Other than that, we can only hope that this was a one-off case, brought on by faulty electronic equipments.