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Satan’s War On Children…

The world I was born into, was already undergoing a moral and social transition which probably alarmed my elders, but it is all but gone now. The only thing my children, grandchildren and their generation can know of it, is the anecdotes we who once lived in it pass on to them.

Particularly in the summertime, It almost seems now like a fantasy world; of children running the streets or country fields, all running and playing outside, girls chanting sing song rhymes as they turned a jump rope, jacks and hopscotch, little boys playing baseball with made up bases, a few gloves, a beat up Bat and ball, or playing army, or tag, or hide and go seek, in the summer, hoping not to be called inside by our mothers when the street lights went on.

I am not saying it was a perfect world, there were already spiritually deadly encroachments pouring in, as Television became darker and more sensual and the old barriers against pornography collapsed. One shouldn’t look at everything, particularly in the tender years.

There were still a good deal of adults around us who made an earnest effort to shield us from the unseemly aspects of the world, and to preserve something of the blissful ignorance of our youth, of things which are toxic to the soul. My mother, for example would always say something like, “don’t watch that movie, or read that book, ” and the reason why we shouldn’t? “It is not good for your soul”, she would say. and though I had no idea what she meant by that, for a while I took her word for it.

For the most part, we knew none of the depressing and confusing vocabulary foisted upon modern children these days, such as “Gay”, “Lesbian” ,”Transgender”,”Bisexual”, ‘safe sex’, ‘birth control” and I could go on and on listing the bewildering and confusing terminology modern children are laden with, at ever younger and more tender ages.


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