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Scientology’s Darkest Secrets Could Be Exposed In Explosive Lawsuit

The darkest deepest secrets of The Church of Scientology may be revealed to the public in an upcoming trial involving Michelle Seward and Kirstie Alley. 

Alley, Seward, and diet company Organic Liaison are being sued by a couple for fraud and negligence, after they gave a $500,000 loan to the Hollywood stars.

With a trial date of July 6th looming, the “financial donations” both Seward and Alley allegedly fraudulently made with the couple’s money to the Church of Scientology are coming under close scrutiny. reports: One of Seward’s companies, Windsor Pictures LLC., paid $400,000 to the Kirstie Alley Family Trust, according to the documents, and the plaintiffs also contend “that the funds the trust received are related to a premium financed life insurance transaction organized by the defendant and collateralized by $1,000,000 of investor funds.” They claim Alley “either actually knew, constructively knew, or should have known that the investment of $1 million, and the transfer of $400,000 into her trust … was illegal, fraudulent and otherwise improper, and at the expense of persons such as the plaintiffs and those similarly situated.”



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