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Secret meetings to shape the word-the bilderberg-bbc documentary 2016


The Daily Mirror revealed the power of the Trilateral Commission as a group of global manipulators. The Trilateral Commission–known as the Kingmakers–stands second to none in power, prestige and influence. But not far behind comes the Bilderberg Group, a circle of the elite and wealthy whose hush-hush meetings determine how the Western nations should run their affairs.

Every year 120 of the world’s most powerful and influential men come together, lock themselves away for three days and decide what policies the democratic nations of the West should follow.

They are members of the Bilderberg Group and their meetings are always kept a closely guarded secret.

But I can reveal that this year they will meet in the spa city of Aachen, just 45 miles from the German capital, Bonn, from April 18-20 inclusive.

I can also reveal that former German President Walter Scheel has been invited to replace the ageing Lord Home as chairman of Bilderberg. Scheel has accepted.