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Secret Service heated argument with China officials as US officials, and Obama land in China

September 3, 2016 – When Air Force One rolled to a stop, there was no staircase for Mr. Obama to disembark in view of the television cameras. Instead, he emerged from a rarely used door in the belly of the plane. He received the smallest
bouquet of flowers from the lowest of official.
he Chinese security official confronted Susan Rice and attempted to prevent her from walking to the motorcade after she crossed the media rope line, Reuters reported.

A Secret Service agent got between Rice and the Chinese official to try to diffuse the situation.

A fistfight nearly broke out between a Chinese official trying to help the U.S. diplomats and a Chinese security official trying to keep them out. “Calm down please. Calm down,” another White House official pleaded.

Twenty minutes before the arrival of Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two sides were still arguing in the room where the two leaders would soon be touting their cooperation. The Chinese insisted there was not enough space for the 12 American journalists traveling with Obama. U.S. officials insisted there was, pointing to a spacious area sectioned off for the media and citing arrangements negotiated long in advance.
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