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Secret tunnel system discovered beneath Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico

) A secret tunnel may have been built under the Pyramid of the Moon, which is the second-largest pyramid in San Juan Teotihuacan in Mexico, after Pyramid of the Sun, archaeologists at the Teotihuacan ruins site said.

Denisse Argote Espino, who heads a team of experts at the Directorate of Archaeological Studies of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, said computerized tomography (CT) scans made last June of the site showed the existence of a straight cavity that was 30 feet (10 meters) deep that plunged into the center of the large square called Plaza de la Luna into the Pyramid of the Moon.

The researchers injected electric current into the subsoil and determined the resistance of the materials found there; after that, they used the data they had collected to create 2D and 3D models of the tunnel.

Archaeologist Veronica Ortega, who is the Teotihuacan Archaeological Zone deputy technical director and the leader of the Plaza de la Luna conservation project, said the tunnel may have been constructed as a passageway to an “underworld”, noting, “The function of the tunnel may have been to reproduce the underworld, a world where life, animals, and plants originated. It’s possible that it was used purely for rituals, as part of ceremonies to celebrate the agricultural cycles.”

Ortega was talking about human sacrifices.

Archaeologists are divided as to the political landscape of Teotihuacan. Some said the civilization probably gave focus to a strong leadership, as evidenced by the existence of pyramids in their culture, while others were of the opinion that the tribe focused on the collective, due to the city’s grid-like structure.



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