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Sex Toys…in…SPACE!

Proposed adult movie in space is just the latest tryst in the union between sex and technology.

A new adult film plans to go boldly where no porno has gone before with a proposed a million-dollar project to create “the most epic sex adventure ever to be caught on tape” in space.Pornhub, the Internet’s largest adult film portal, is seeking $3.4 million for Sexploration: a zero-gravity bonefest featuring industry favorites Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins. Given the site had more than 18 billion viewers in 2014 and an adult film is made in America every 30 minutes, it’s almost surprising that X-rated exploits have taken so long to reach the stratosphere.“The concept of porn set in space is fascinating – I’m heartened by the creativity and thought that’s gone into it,” says Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist and author. “It’s a testament to the boundaryless-ness of the human imagination and what we can do with the right tools. I take it as a sign we’re releasing centuries-old sexual taboos and are more ready than ever before to reclaim our sexuality.”With the rate of free porn consumption so high, the likelihood of viewers agreeing to shell out for astronomically-located (and priced) adult entertainment seems pretty slim, particularly given the “perks” contributors to the movie’s IndieGogo fund can expect. For $50,000, you can take home one of the film’s custom made props, while a $150,000 donation scores the generous supporter one of the spacesuits worn by Sexploration’s stars.