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SHAMELESS Tony Blair to spend £10MILLION on new campaign to BLOCK Britain LEAVING EU

TONY Blair will splash almost £10 million on his newly-established anti-populism institute so he can “support” the bitter campaign to try and keep Britain within the crumbling European Union.

The former prime minister, who has called for a second EU referendum, said his eponymous institute will allow him to play “at least a small part” in shaping his country’s future and will help link people together.

Blair previously said: “I care about my country and the world my children and grandchildren will grow up in.

“It is [the institute] what I know I would want, were I still in the frontline of politics. Part of its focus will plainly be around the European beat; but this will not be its exclusive domain.

“It has to go far wider than that since in many ways the Europe debate is a lightning rod for the whole of politics.”


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