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Shocking experiments show how much damage energy drinks do to your teeth

A California dentists’ experiment provided some shocking evidence of the effect of soft drinks and energy drinks on oral health.

Dr. Tom Bierman, a dentist at the San Diego Dental Studio, was inspired to perform the experiment after reading Jonathan Waldman’s book “Rust: The Longest War.” The book claims that one in seven new energy drinks are too corrosive to be placed in aluminum cans. Dr. Bierman thought to himself “if that’s what these things do to a can, what on earth are they doing to our teeth?”

After deciding that he wanted to see the effects with his own eyes, Dr. Bierman took his four wisdom teeth, that had been extracted years before, and placed each one into a separate liquid. One tooth went into a bottle of a popular energy drink, another into cola, a third in diet cola and the fourth into water as the control. After two weeks of sitting in the liquids, Dr. Bierman discovered that the tooth placed in the cola had become almost entirely stained black. The tooth in the diet cola was also stained just not as severely. But it was the appearance of the tooth left in the energy drink that truly shocked him.  (RELATED: Get all the news Google is trying to hide from you at


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