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‘Show Us the Tapes!’: Activists March on Mandalay Bay to Demand Release of Paddock

Las Vegas, NV — Dozens of protesters took to the front of Mandalay Bay Casino on Sunday to demand the release of the surveillance footage of Stephen Paddock from inside the hotel.

“Show us the tapes!” demanded the protesters who bravely called for transparency within an investigation that has been filled with retractions, half-truths, and contradictions since the beginning.

Activist Joey Lankowski organized the event which was an effort to let the casino and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department know that the people will not walk away from this with no answers. The families and friends of 58 victims, as well as the hundreds of injured concert goers, deserve to know the truth.

During the protest, activists noted how the failure to release the footage only fuels conspiracy theories and disinformation online.

“We want to know the truth. We’re tired of the lies, we’re tired of the murders, it’s got to stop,” one protester told the local news. “They should release the video.”

However, it appears that the police and the casino have no intent on letting the public see the footage of Paddock inside the casino.

Since the horrific massacre took place over three months ago, details and evidence presented by law enforcement have been scant at best. This is not a coincidence. One of the most telling details about the information in this case is the complete and literal blackout of any images or video that show Stephen Paddock (other than him lying dead in the hotel room) in the Mandalay Bay casino—which these activists are trying to expose.

While there has been much speculation as to why no video has been released, a documentary which touches on the massacre provides an answer—the casino is playing a massive game of CYA (cover your ass), and the cops are in their pocket.


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