Non-Dollar Trading Is Killing the Petrodollar -- And the Foundation of U.S.-Saudi Policy in the Middle East

Huffingtonpost.- A profound transformation of the global monetary system is underway. It is being driven by a perfect storm: the need for Russia and Iran to escape Western sanctions, the low interest rate policy of the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep the American economy afloat and the increasing demand for Middle East oil by China.

The implications of this transformation are immense for U.S. policy in the Middle East which, for 50 years, has been founded on a partnership with Saudi Arabia

 January  1  2015
 Which Are The World's Most Corrupted Countries



The Berlin-based watchdog Transparency International issued its annual report ranking countries regarding their corruption level. Using a scale from 0 to 100 (with 0 being the most corrupt) the watchdog found that 2/3 of the 175 countries tested this year scored below 50.

 December  6   2014
 UKRAINE: US & EU Sanctions, How Did We REALLY Get Here?



The situation in Ukraine is out of control completely, like the US government. I looked very deep into the whole situation dating back to the "Orange Revolution" co-led by the convicted criminal and possible murderer Yulia Tymonshenko. Yulia, and her fellow criminal Victor Yushchenko.
The situation in Ukraine today did not start with a "peaceful protest" (choke choke Syria), it started many years ago. This is a very brief bit of history, that may help some of you to understand the situation clearer. Sit back and relax and enjoy.
I'm sure this video will piss off a lot of Yulia lovers out there in orange land, but facts are facts

 December  6    2014
 Wall Street is Taking Over America’s Pension Plans  Coverage of the midterm elections has, understandably, focused on the shift in political power from Democrats toward Republicans. But behind the scenes, another major story has been playing out. Wall Street spent upwards of $300M to influence the election results. And a key part of its agenda has been a plan to move more and more of the $3 trillion dollars in unguarded government pension funds into privately managed, high-fee investments — a shift that may well constitute the biggest financial story of our generation that you’ve never heard of.

 November   23  2014
 Meet the Fortune 500 Companies Funding the Political Resegregation of America  Over the past four to five years, the United States has been resegregated—politically. In states where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans and presidential races can be nail-biters, skillful Republican operatives have mounted racially-minded gerrymandering efforts—the redrawing of congressional and state legislative districts—that have led to congressional delegations stacked with GOP members and yielded Republican majorities in the state legislatures.

 November   23  2014
 3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?


Are you waiting for the next major wave of the global economic collapse to strike?



InfoWars  Are you waiting for the next major wave of the global economic collapse to strike?  Well, you might want to start paying attention again.  Three of the ten largest economies on the planet have already fallen into recession, and there are very serious warning signs coming from several other global economic powerhouses.  Things are already so bad that British Prime Minister David Cameron is comparing the current state of affairs to the horrific financial crisis of 2008.  In an article for the Guardian that was published on Monday, he delivered the following sobering warning: “Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.”  For the leader of the nation with the 6th largest economy in the world to make such a statement is more than a little bit concerning.

 November   20  2014
 IMF, World Bank, Giant Consultants Admit the Storm is Coming  Organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank were responsible for forcing neoliberal economic “restructuring” on much of the developing world from the 1980s onwards, as the IMF and E.U. are currently imposing on Greece and large parts of Europe. The results have been and continue to be devastating for populations, while corporations and banks accumulate unprecedented wealth and power.

 November   8  2014
 Bank Whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann & Matt Taibbi on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy



A year ago this month the U.S. Department of Justice announced that the banking giant JPMorgan Chase would avoid criminal charges by agreeing to pay $13 billion to settle claims that it had routinely overstated the quality of mortgages it was selling to investors. But how did the bank avoid prosecution for committing fraud that helped cause the 2008 financial crisis? Today we speak to JPMorgan Chase whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann in her first televised interview discussing how she witnessed "massive criminal securities fraud" in the bank's mortgage operations. She is profiled in Matt Taibbi’s new Rolling Stone investigation, "The $9 Billion Witness: Meet the woman JPMorgan Chase paid one of the largest fines in American history to keep from talking."

 November   8  2014
 It begins: German bank charging NEGATIVE interest to its customers



sovereignman  Central bankers today have an equally delusional view of the world. Just three months ago, Mario Draghi (President of the European Central Bank) embarked on his own Quixotic folly by taking certain interest rates into NEGATIVE territory.

Draghi convinced himself that he was saving Europe from disaster. And like Don Quixote, everyone else has had to pay the price for his delusions.

On November 1st, the first European bank has passed along these negative interest rates to its retail customers.

 November   6   2014

The Rothschild Family - Puppet Masters - World's Only Trillionaires - Full Documentary



Rothschild Family Conspiracy Documentary Puppet Masters, The Worlds only Trillionaires

November   5   2014

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve



What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? Is it part of the federal government? How does it create money? Why is the public kept in the dark about these important matters? In this feature-length documentary film, The Corbett Report explores these important question and pulls back the curtain on America's central bank.

October 3   2014

How The Elites Are Running The World, The Dollar And Metals  As we near the end of the 3rd Q for 2014, time is running out for all the 2014 enthusiasts that are calling for higher prices by year-end. The lessons learned from 2013 have been forgotten as not only are not prices beginning to move higher, they are making new recent lows. Incredibly enough, many of these prognosticators are paid pretty well by their subscribers. Lesson to be learned? Absolutely no one can divine the future

September  30     2014

  Is Bitcoin a Conspiracy?



Is Bitcoin a conspiracy to bring in a cashless society? Does it represent the mark of the beast? Julia Tourianski tackles these claims and much more.

August  30     2014   

  How World Bank & IMF Plan to “Dismantle” Ukrainian Economy



West looks to ramp up gas production, as Vice President Biden’s son named leader in Ukrainian gas company Burisma

August   10      2014  

 Germany close to recession as ECB admits recovery is weak


Mario Draghi says the recovery remains “weak, fragile and uneven”, with a marked slowdown in recent weeks



Telegraph UK  German bonds yields plunged to a historic low and two-year rates briefly fell below zero on Thursday on fears of widening recession in the eurozone, and a flight to safety as Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border.

Yields on 10-year Bunds dropped to 1.06pc after a blizzard of fresh data showed that recovery has stalled across most of the currency bloc, with even Germany now uncomfortably close to recession.

August   9      2014  
These 11 Countries are Going BANKRUPT! Here's Why.



Not just Argentina: 11 countries near bankruptcy
Three of the nations potentially at risk of default had among the world's highest debt levels, at 120% of GDP or more based on 2014 estimates. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Greece's debt is projected to hit nearly 175% of GDP by the end of this year
92,001,000 Americans, 16 and over, who were classified as “not in the labor force,”
The eruption of the debt crisis
The government nationalizes Mexico’s private banking system in order to prevent bankruptcy of the private banking sector and imposes comprehensive exchange controls.

August   5      2014 

  Who is the Unsung Hero of the $7 Billion Citigroup Settlement?



Bill Black says that a just settlement would've included criminal prosecution of senior Citigroup officials who led the fraud and covered it up 

  July   24    2014  

Fifa executive committee members 'awarded double pay rise' after new ethics rules ban bonuses

World football's top 25 officials have had their salaries doubled after a new ethics committee promised to stamp out their bonuses, an investigation has claimed.


Timing: The revelations during the current World Cup in Brazil come as Fifa President Sepp Blatter - the head of Exco -

is firmly in the public eye. Pictured: Blatter (right) watching his home team, Switzerland


It is alleged that Fifa - which faces corruption claims over the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar - also offered to pay its executive committee in wads of cash through a Swiss bank account.

The claims today, revealed in a cache of millions of documents leaked to The Sunday Times, are the latest in a growing litany against the governing body of world football.

The executive committee led by President Sepp Blatter, Exco for short, is Fifa's most powerful body and numbers 25 top officials from the football world.

Britain's representative Jim Boyce is one of Exco's seven vice presidents and has already said he would support a rerun of the 2022 vote if corruption allegations are proven.

June  24  2014  
Royal Bank of Scotland former unit had ties with Osama bin Laden's family accounts — WSJ


ITAR-TASS  The Royal Bank of Scotland denied any links to Osama bin Laden and his family



Osama bin Laden, who was considered world’s terrorist number one, and his family were among the clients of a former unit of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), The Wall Street Journal reported, citing German custom authorities.

German tax officials confiscated two containers filled with account documents from private bank Coutts, former RBS unit, last year. After analyzing the files containing details of suspected German tax evaders, the custom authorities found out that the members of the bin Laden family were among the bank’s clients.

The Royal Bank of Scotland denied any links to Osama bin Laden and his family. “We didn’t take care of Osama bin Laden’s financials at any point of time, nor did we deal with his immediate relatives,” said the RBS official statement.

June  24  2014  

Goldman Sachs: The bank that rules the world  


Aljazeera  Ever since the stock market crashed, on the night of September 15 2008, the name Goldman Sachs, or GS, has been appearing everywhere: in the collapse of the financial system, the Greek crisis, the plunge of the euro, and the campaign to prevent regulation of financial markets.

The investment bank created in New York in 1868 has carved out its reputation and success by working silently behind the scenes.

 But today GS stands accused of myriad charges: playing a key role in the subprime loan fiasco, pushing several of its competitors into bankruptcy, helping countries like Greece hide their deficits before speculating on their downfall, precipitating the fall of the euro, and influencing the consumer price index. And yet GS has come out of this latest crisis richer and more powerful than ever.

June  20  2014 

 The Economic-Corporate Oligarchy of the World 


The Analyst Report  Today’s world is ruled by a myriad of multinational corporations and financial institutions that belong to a network of private round table organisations that stretch across the planet. There exists an international ruling elite that has been building an economic-corporate empire for over a century, which oppresses any dissent to their agenda.


Hilary Clinton at Chatham House, London, the home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – Britain’s parallel

government Photo: Chatham House


A recent study conducted by Northwestern and Princeton University on America’s political system supports the thesis that political systems are not directed by the people of the country, but rather by a network of “economic elites” and “business interests”. The study concluded that the US political system is an oligarchy, where the “wishes of corporations and business and professional associations” are the driving forces behind policy decisions within the government.

“The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence” (Gilens and Page, 2014, p.3). 

June  13  2014  

 BRICS nations hope to bankroll a changing world order


After more than six decades of dictating development policy in much of the emerging world, the Western-led International Monetary Fund and World Bank may soon have some competition.



The BRICS nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are reportedly close to finalizing their long-awaited development bank and currency reserve, each valued at $100 billion, in what has been billed as a historic challenge by the world’s emerging economies to a global financial architecture that has been dominated by the U.S. and Western Europe since its post–World War II inception.

The BRICS nations first announced their plans for the bank in March 2013 but struggled to reach an agreement over China’s desire to hold a greater stake in the institution. But a Brazilian government official told Reuters last week that the five members were ready to split funding and control equally, clearing the last major hurdle for a launch in 2016.

June  9  2014 

Could China kill the US dollar?




For the last few years, increasing numbers of commentators, including Max Keiser, have been predicting the collapse of the US dollar, a collapse that could be closer than you think. America currently faces a very real, impending threat -- China. China accounts for more global trade than anyone else on the planet, and most of that trade happens in US dollars keeping demand for the dollar high and overseas trade at low costs.
Not only this, but China holds around 1.3 trillion dollars of US debt. A debt accumulated by China's stockpile of dollars from international trade which they lend back to the US at ridiculously low interest rates.
But what happens if they stop playing the game? Well, in some respects they already have.

June  6  2014 

 ELITE AGENDA for a GLOBAL RESET - An Ecomomic Collapse and WORLD WAR 3



Corpse of Cold War propaganda enthusiastically resurrected by mainstream media
he establishment has begun a new mass marketing campaign for World War III, equating Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler.
The fact that the current crisis in Ukraine was instigated by a US-backed coup which toppled a democratically elected government has been conveniently forgotten.

May 18 2014   

IMF plan to loot Ukraine revealed


IMF managing director Christine Lagarde (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


IntelliHub The “democratic transformation” Brzezinski is writing about is found in the phony, western-funded NGOs that have sparked a host of “color revolutions” over the last few decades in Middle Eastern and former Soviet satellite nations. The goal is thus to flank Russia and eventually “democratize” and McDonalidize Russia and its satellites even further through perpetual social disorder, collapse, and GMO cheeseburgers, just as the United States itself undergoes tyrannical “democratization” from its degenerate, so-called elite. This plan of Brzezinski to transform Russia at the end of the 90s resulted inthe Yeltsin regime, wherein a host of former communist party oligarchs looted the nation through the Clinton Administration’s IMF “aid.” This “aid” resulted in 500 billion being looted from the Russian people, as well as the collapse of the Russian ecomomy.

 May 6 2014

IMF Trying To Start WW3 in Ukraine


 May 2   2014  

As The World Economies Collapse The Shadow Of War Is Upon The World



Greek austerity is taking its toll, men are committing suicide for financial reasons. Adults in California are now moving in with their parents to make ends meet. More students are looking for loan forgiveness, mortgage companies are now accepting sub-prime borrowers. President Obama is touring the pacific to make sure the pivot to Asia is on schedule. The Geneva agreement has collapsed and Ukrainian anti-terrorism forces have been redeployed. The USS Taylor is now entering the black sea, NATO troops are now being shipped into the surrounding NATO countries. Syria rebels have received anti-aircraft weapons, meanwhile France is going to disrupt the elections in Syria. Be prepared for false flags around the world to push the war agenda.

 April  24  2014   

US dollar dying as tensions over Ukraine heat up: Analyst


 The US dollar is losing dominance as major trading countries look for alternatives.

Press TV  The US dollar is losing its dominance on global trade amid spiraling tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine, says an analyst.

In his Friday column for Press TV website, F. William Engdahl said Russia and leading trading countries are developing “alternatives to using the US dollar for their bilateral trade.”

The analyst said the US government has been printing “money without limit, in order to rescue the bankrupt Wall Street banks with what the Federal Reserve calls Quantitative Easing.” 

 April  21   2014   

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4 - Mike Maloney



You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.
Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.
The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.
Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system .
For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

 April  19   2014  

Bundy Ranch: Harry Reid, Chinese Solar and US Debt



 Fabian Calvo joins Gary Franchi to breakdown the facts behind the Bundy Ranch Land Grab and the US Debt exchange with China.

 ApApril  19   2014 ril  18   2014

Russia to Buy 500,000 barrels per day from Iran - death of dollar



investmentwatchblog   Eventually, if you sanction too many people, they’ll create their own economy…and then your sanctions are toothless and you’re screwed.

White House concerned about Russia’s oil for goods deal with Iran

John Kerry, the US secretary of state has personally raised the issue of the deal with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov

Reports that Russia and Iran were negotiating a multi-billion dollar backdoor trade deal that could undermine upcoming nuclear negotiations with Tehran is a matter of “serious concern”, the White House admitted last night.

The $1.5 billion-a-month oil-for-goods deal was first revealed in news reports last week and threatens to undermine the credibility of White House claims that Iran would receive only $7bn in phased and reversible sanctions relief in exchange for nuclear concessions, experts said

 April  11   2014   

The family of Trillionaires and the Rothschild Conspiracy

(Full Documentary) 



   The family of Trillionaires and the Rothschild Conspiracy (Full Documentary) .

April  11   2014 

 Michael Lewis Explains How the Stock Market Is Rigged



  The U.S. stock market is rigged, with elite traders buying access to a high-speed network that allows them to figure out what you've just ordered, order it first, then raise the price before your order is complete.

 April  4  2014 

Ex-Vatican bank chiefs in money laundering trial


Italian prosecutors on Friday said two former top executives at the Vatican bank will go on trial for money laundering, while the bank's ex-chairman was declared innocent



Paolo Cipriani, the former director general of the bank formally known as the Institute for Religious Works, and his deputy Massimo Tulli are accused in a case that led to the seizure of €23 million ($32 million).

Italian media reported prosecutors as saying that Cipriani and Tulli had signed off on the suspicious payment and former president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi had instead tried to enforce money laundering laws.

 The two were forced to resign last year, three days after a senior Vatican accountant -- Monsignor Nunzio Scarano -- who held accounts at the bank was arrested in Italy for suspicious cash transfers.

Tedeschi, who was himself ousted in 2012 in an unusually public showdown with the bank's board, was instead entirely cleared by the investigation and
 threatened legal action for damage to his reputation

March  31  2014 

Britain's five richest families worth more than poorest 20% 


News Forage  The scale of Britain's growing inequality is revealed today by a report from a leading charity showing that the country's five richest families now own more wealth than the poorest 20% of the population.

Oxfam urged the chancellor George Osborne to use Wednesday's budget to make a fresh assault on tax avoidance and introduce a living wage in a report highlighting how a handful of the super-rich, headed by the Duke of Westminster, have more money and financial assets than 12.6 million Britons put together.

The development charity, which has opened UK programmes to tackle poverty, said the government should explore the possibility of a wealth tax after revealing how income gains and the benefits of rising asset prices had disproportionately helped those at the top.

March  18  2014 

The Rockefellers, Rothschilds & Gold



Silver Doctors   The US was the biggest gold reserve holder in the entire world, with 28,000 metric tons of gold in its vaults (60% of the world’s total gold reserves). Most, if not all, of that gold disappeared from the UST, whilst the financial industry  and the debt driven economy, expanded.  First there was the London Gold Pool selling central bank gold reserves, then in 1974 Louise Auchincloss Boyer discovered that N. Rockefeller was selling UST Fort Knox gold. Three days later she fell out of her window (July 3, 1974). Immediately afterwards a Fort Knox propaganda tour was organized. All gold fever stopped in 1980. Stock markets started their rise to the moon.

 Fifteen years later, the European System of Central Banks started their gold sales. Stock markets reached for the stars and suddenly The Queen made a propaganda tour through the London gold vaults (Dec, 2012). Now, China, Russia and other pro gold states (BRICS Development Bank) are accumulating the scare residues of available physical gold. The debt driven Western economy is in stagnation and the global debt crisis remains unsolved.

February  12  2014 

Bitcoin finances Swedish drugs deals: report



The Local   The Bitcoin virtual currency has emerged as a common medium of exchange in connection with the sale of illicit drugs in Sweden, according to a Swedish media report on Sunday.

The internet currency was used as legal tender in at least six drugs transactions in 2013, according to the report in the Dagens Nyheter daily.

In one high profile case in December 2013 in the far northern city of Haparanda, several people were convicted of drugs offences and a large amount of Bitcoin was found in the principal suspect's computer during the police investigation. 
"He has handled around half a million kronor ($77,000). Then how much of it is an increase in value is difficult to say," said prosecutor Linda Strömberg to the newspaper. 
The currency gained media attention in Scandinavia when a young Oslo electrical engineer used the profits from $27 Bitcoininvestment to put down a deposit on a two bedroom apartment in Oslo. 
February  11  2014  

 How NSA Mass Surveillance is Hurting the US Economy


 EFF  Privacy may not be the only casualty of the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program. Major sectors of the US economy are reporting financial damage as the recent revelations shake consumer confidence and US trade partners distance themselves from companies that may have been compromised by the NSA or, worse, are secretly collaborating with the spy agency. Member of Congress, especially those who champion America‘s competitiveness in the global marketplace, should take note and rein in the NSA now if they want to stem the damage.

November 26  2013 

The Rothschild's Bloodline


 Old Banking Family From Kazaria Controls All Banks Around The World - Including The Fenderal Reserve Bank of America - Treasury Department - IRS - Worh $500,000,000,000,000.00 Trillion




The Rothschild secret wealth records were never audited and never accounted for ...researchers estimate their wealth to close to 500 trillion dollars more than half the wealth of the entire world palaces wineries horse race resorts and mansions. The Rothschild bought Reuters in the 18th century. Reuters then bought the associated Press AP which selects and delivers the same news stories to the entire world day after day


November  1  2013 

Pope Francis lashes out at world economic system for worshiping a ‘god called money’


Raw Story On Sunday, Pope Francis discarded his prepared remarks for Mass after speaking with an unemployed father-of-three who, according to Reuters, told him that unemployment “oppresses you and wears you out to the depths of your soul.” ...


September  23 2013 

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes



  Abby Martin talks to Karen Hudes, former senior executive at the World Bank, about her experience blowing the whistle on the high level corruption within the international financial system and how her story was censored.

September  2 2013 

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families


The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.

July  21 2013 

Rothschild Conspiracy International Banking Cartel and The Federal Reserve



  Rothschild Conspiracy: A documentary looking at banking tycoons: from the Rothschild family in Europe to JP Morgan and others in the US. How banks not only control governments but also appoint politicians through huge campaign donations. Governments at the service of the major banks,,,   

July  18 2013 

Rothschilds Want Iran's Banks



   Some researchers are pointing out that Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011

July  9 2013 

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals | Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes



  Abby Martin talks to Karen Hudes, former senior executive at the World Bank,

about her experience blowing the whistle on the high level corruption within the

international financial system and how her story was censored.

June  27  2013  

Russia And China Plan New Bank To Replace The IMF


The biggest emerging markets are uniting to tackle under-development and currency volatility with plans to set up institutions that encroach on the roles of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The leaders of the so-called BRICS nations -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa -- are set to approve the establishment of a new development bank during an annual summit that began today in the eastern South African city of Durban, officials from all five nations say. They will also discuss pooling foreign-currency reserves to ward off balance of payments or currency crises.

April 5th 2013 

General Motors is becoming China Motors



 General Motors is becoming China Motors. Forget the spin. The evidence is clear and convincing. Did U.S. taxpayers save GM for China? Listen to the candid comments of GM's CEO.

November 10 th 2012 

Money as Debt 3 - The Rothschild mafia (Paul Grignon)



 Let's go back to calling the parts of the financial system what they really are. Fractional reserve banking is counterfeiting. Charging interest is usury. Student loans are loansharking operations. Trading currencies is money changing. Since our income tax is used to pay back the loans our government took out from the bankers, it is really extortion. And, bailing out the bankers who actually loaned us the bailout money, and legislating US citizens to pay them back, with interest, is serfdom.

October 18 th 2012 

12-year old Victoria Grant explains why her homeland, Canada, and most of the world, is in debt.
May 13th 2012 
Brave New Bank? BRICS moot dropping dollar, IMF
March 30h 2012 
10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve
Did you know that the Federal Reserve is actually paying banks not to make loans?
Section 128 of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 allows the Federal Reserve to pay interest on "excess reserves" that U.S. banks park at the Fed.
So the banks can just send their cash to the Fed and watch the money come rolling in risk-free.
So are many banks taking advantage of this?
You tell me. Just check out the chart below. The amount of "excess reserves" parked at the Fed has gone from nearly nothing to about 1.5 trillion dollars since 2008....
February 11th 2012 

Eustace Mullins - Secrets of The Federal Reserve (FULL)



 Fantastic presentation by the late great Eustace Mullins about the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins is arguable the best researcher of esoteric topics.

December 12th 2011 

What Does the Fed Know That We Don’t?

Graham Summers


The whole thing smells fishy to me. Aside from the fact that the Fed clearly leaked its intentions as early as Monday night (hence the reason stocks rallied while credit markets weakened), there’s something peculiar about the fact the Fed chose to do this at the end of November.

Why November 30? Why not today or Tuesday?

December 5th 2011 

The Bank of England, Gold, and Libya

As an investor in bullion, there’s something you should know about this Libya business. You’re not going to hear about it on the BBC and in my opinion, it is being held from you on purpose. It is something you should know and you can see its immediate effect in the price of gold.
Since the close of play on the 8th of August ‘til the am fix today ( 25th August, 2011), gold has risen from £1035.601 per troy ounce to an all time high of £1139.55 and back down to £1049.59.

August 26th 2011 
US spending problem



Even though US spends more money on military than any other country - six times more than China, for instance, and close to 50 percent of the spending world-wide. It seems to be the "elephant in the room" when it comes to budget cuts. But with three wars ending up costing billions of dollars, is that going to change? RT's Kristine Frazao takes a look.

April 17th 2011 

Portugal defaults, America on the waiting list?



Following sovereign debt crises in Greece and Ireland, the Prime Minister of Portugal asked the European Union for a bailout on Wednesday. With the United States' deficit causing coast-to-coast panic, can we learn from what's happening overseas? The Market Ticker's Karl Denniger says that the story is far from over.

April 8th 2011 

The Link Between War And Big Finance



Americans are recognizing the link between the military-industrial complex and the Wall Street oligarchs—a connection that goes back to the beginning of the modern U.S. empire. Banks have always profited from warbecause the debt created by banks results in ongoing war profit for big finance; and because wars have been used to open countries to U.S. corporate and banking interests. Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan wrote: “the large banking interests were deeply interested in the world war because of the wide opportunities for large profits.”

April 8th 2011 

Libya’s Hidden Wealth May Be Next Battle


As the battle for Libya rages on, the struggle over control of the country’s sovereign wealth fund and its $70 billion in assets has just begun

With a sizable pot of ready cash and stakes in a few elite European companies — including the British publisher Pearson and the Italian soccer club Juventus — the fund served as an emphatic calling card for its founder, Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, a son of the Libyan ruler who was once regarded as the reformer in the family.

Established in 2006, the fund was used by Mr. Qaddafi in an effort to make the case that Libya was ready to open itself to the West. It helped draw into Mr. Qaddafi’s orbit a range of powerful figures, including the Rothschild family, Prince Andrew of Britain, the former European trade commissioner Peter Mandelson, the cream of corporate society in Italy and the American private equity investors Stephen A. Schwarzman of Blackstone and David M. Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group.

March 6th 2011 
Wall Street prospers, Main Street suffers

March 4th 2011 
 Dictators and their sons: Col Gaddafi's billionaire children


Britain has announced that the assets of the dictator and his family have been frozen, and the Treasury has created a special unit to trace the multi-billion pound assets they are thought to have squirrelled away in investments in the city. For years, though, that fortune helped the Gaddafi family win friends and influence across the world. Saif al-Islam, the suave, western-educated second son of the Libyandictator, was the best known of the sons.

March 4th 2011 

The Essence Of The Banking Industry...
February 27h 2011 

Plan B: Cut Benefits To Bankers


February 18h 2011 

The US bank and the secret plan to destroy WikiLeaks


The computer hackers' collective Anonymous has uncovered a proposal by a consortium of private contractors to attack and discredit WikiLeaks. Last week Anonymous volunteers broke into the servers of HB Gary Federal, a security company that sells investigative services to companies, and posted thousands of the firm's emails on to the internet.


February 17h 2011

How Big is the U.S. Debt?


February 17h 2011 

Greece slams IMF-EU interference


The European Union and the International Monetary Fund have been accused of interfering in Greece's domestic affairs after demanding asset sales to ease the country's debt burden.
Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou accused the EU and the IMF of practicing “unacceptable behavior,” on Saturday. On Friday EU and IMF inspectors, along with European Central Bank experts had been monitoring Greece's implementation of a bailout plan which saved Athens from bankruptcy, AFP reported.

February 14th 2011 

Pentagon Reports Billions of Dollars in Contractor Fraud


The Pentagon paid hundreds of billions of dollars to defense contractors engaged in criminal or civil fraud -- in some cases paying the companies after they were convicted, according to a new Defense Department report.
At least 91 contractors holding contracts worth $270 billion were the subjects of civil fraud judgments -- and in some cases criminal fraud convictions as well, many of which resulted in fines, suspensions or debarments. Even so, Defense Department contracting officers still assigned $4.9 billion worth of work with these companies after the fraud was uncovered, the report said.

February 5th 2011 



February 5th 2011 



What for a poor man is a crust, for a rich man is a securitized asset class.”
--Futures trader Ann Berg, quoted in the
UK Guardian

Underlying the sudden, volatile uprising in Egypt and Tunisia is a growing global crisis sparked by soaring food prices and unemployment. The Associated Press reports that roughly 40 percent of Egyptians struggle along at the World Bank-set poverty level of under $2 per day. Analysts estimate that food price inflation in Egypt is currently at an unsustainable 17 percent yearly. In poorer countries, as much as 60 to 80 percent of people's incomes go for food, compared to just 10 to 20 percent in industrial countries.

February 5th 2011 

War for the People; Profit for the Bankers


The Federal Reserve has helped underwrite continued American military expenditures, even after the World Wars. As of 2009, "Defense" accounts for 23% of all American Federal spending. And therefore, the gargantuan size of the American Federal debt is related to the continuation of American military interventions abroad. If we assume that such systems are primarily instruments of war, can we also infer that the World Wars could have been prevented in their absence.
Most of us naively assume that the Federal Reserve only underwrote the American war effort. This is not the case. In World War II, the Lend-Lease program was used to ship supplies worth $759 billion
to other countries involved in the war.

January 12th 2011 

The American Dream By The Provocateur Network


January 8th 2011 

Foreclosures on People Who Never Missed a Payment


December 22th 2010 

 Fear, Therefore I Buy: A New American Economy


  It has been a truism for thousands of years that sex sells. Instead of delineating the technical or functional superiority of a product, marketing experts put the product next to a perky-breasted young woman with pouty lips to imbue it with the promise of so much more. The not-so indirect implication to women: If you buy our product, you can look like this, feel like this, be desired like this. And to men: If you buy our product, you get her.
Ncvember 25th 2010 

















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