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Jordan's shock plea: Bring back Saddam's party

A Jordanian intelligence document shared with WND concludes the best chance for the U.S. to stabilize Iraq is by opening channels with officials from the outlawed Baath Party of Saddam Hussein, including one of America’s most-wanted strongmen.



WMD  According to the document, Jordan fears further Islamic State advances, not only in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan but also in Lebanon, along the Iraq-Syria border, and eventually Jordan and Kuwait. Islamic State previously gained ground near the Syrian and Jordanian borders.

The Jordanian intelligence document includes a plan that Jordanian officials are set to present to the U.S. recommending not only expanded U.S. air strikes but also the opening of American channels with Baath official


ISIS previously posted a video on YouTube threatening to move on Jordan and “slaughter” King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, whom they view as an enemy of Islam.

  August  22     2014     

  If You Have Facebook Messenger, You Are Being Recorded Even When Not On The Phone


TIR News  Geez, how much more in bed with Obama and the NSA can Facebook get? My suggestion: If you have messenger on our phone delete it. Then re-download it and read the terms of agreement. This is sheer lunacy. Also for those who didn’t know this one, check out the video below. This news is actually about 5-7 years old. Notice what the government has made cell phone makers do now? Notice you can’t take the battery out?



Cellphone users who attempt to install the Facebook Messenger app are asked to agree to terms of service that allow the social networking giant to use the microphone on their device to record audio at any time without their permission.

August  22     2014     

  Who gets dinged if Russia bans car imports?


If the sanctions war over Ukraine heats up, Mercedes-Benz could find itself among the collateral damage. 



Marketwatch  Why? Simple. The Russian business daily Vedomosti reported that if the U.S. and European Union continue to ramp up economic pressure on Moscow, which they accuse of supporting separatist rebels in Ukraine, Moscow could retaliate with a ban on automobile imports.

We’re not there yet. So far, Russia has gone no further than slapping a ban on U.S. and EU food imports. But President Vladimir Putin has said restricting car imports remains an option.

  August  22     2014    




This short documentary explores the question: Is protesting even effective?

  August  22     2014    

  Are We Turning Our Babies Into Real Life Tamagotchis?


Sproutling, the first predictive wearable for babies, is no doubt impressive. But does the ability to quantify our babies take away from the natural process of parenting?



Thedailybeast  Time did not breed confidence. As the weeks went on, I spent late nights poring over The Baby Book and Googling “Why does my baby ______? I glued my eyes to a Blair Witch-style monitor for any sign of distress and yes, I even felt under his nose to make sure he was still breathing. I wanted answers to the big questions about eating, sleeping, crying, weight gain, breathing, pooping, and teething. But all my research boiled down to one concern: Was my newborn’s behavior, and the panic it inspired, normal?

  August  22     2014    

  GOP Rep: ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels Are ‘Talking to Each Other’


Texas Rep. Poe: "The drug cartels use the same operational plan as terrorist groups do..."



InfoWars  Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) was asked if there is any current interaction between ISIS and Mexican drug cartels he said “yes” and added they are “talking to each other.”

The member of the House Judiciary Committee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security said, “In my opinion, yes there seems to be a talking to each other”

He added, “The drug cartels use the same operational plan as terrorist groups do … They kill their opponents, they behead their opponents, they brag about it and they have operational control of many portions of the southern border of the United States. They’re vicious as some of these other terrorist organizations

  August  22     2014   

  Without privacy we can’t have a free democracy’ - Former MI5 officer Annie Machon


Turkey's demanding an explanation from the German ambassador over reports Berlin has been spying on high-ranking Turkish figures.



According to Der Spiegel magazine, phone conversations between two US Secretaries of State and officials in Ankara were tapped. The report also claims Turkey has been a primary target for German spies since at least 2009. Let's discuss this now live with Annie Machon, a former intelligence officer for Britain's MI5

 August  22     2014   

  US Should Pay More Attention to Internal Race-Related Issues – Russian Diplomat


RIA Novosti   The events in Ferguson, Missouri, should sober the US government or race-related conflicts may become more frequent, Russian Foreign Ministry Human Rights Commissioner Konstantin Dolgov said in an interview with Rossiya 24 news channel.


People are moved peacefully by a line of police as authorities disperse a protest in Ferguson.


“We think US authorities should pay closer attention to burning internal problems, including those related to ethnicity and race that still exist in the United States. Try to solve them via legal constitutional practices rather than unjustified and inadequate violence,” Dolgov said.

  August  22     2014    

  Tesla Tower video: Futuristic high voltage machine in lightning action near Moscow



Russian scientists are working hard to restore the Tesla Tower, constructed in the 1970s to protect vehicles, aircrafts and electronic equipment against lightning. Today, the one-of-a-kind High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility, located some 40 kilometers from Moscow, could boast the capacity to equal Russia's entire electricity output – but only for about 100 microseconds.

  August  22     2014   

Facebooked! UK police post threats, racist comments and ‘compromising’ images on social media 


UK police officers and civilian staff made racist and threatening comments on Facebook and Twitter, friend-requested victims of crime and uploaded “compromising” images of colleagues, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show.



RT  Documents obtained by the Press Association show a total of 828 police employees were investigated over a five-year period for breaching police social media guidelines at forces across England and Wales.

One in seven investigations resulted in no further action or the personnel having no case to answer, but one in 10 resulted in an officer resigning, being dismissed or taking retirement.

In one instance, a civilian officer posted a comment on a Facebook account regarding the actions of Muslims in central London failing to observe two minutes’ silence. It was alleged the language used “could be regarded as offensive/inappropriate likely to cause offence to other persons,” police said.

  August  21     2014     

  After the Flood: Mines and Mass Graves in Bosnia


An estimated 120,000 landmines still litter the Bosnian countryside since the end of the war there in 1995, making daily life a challenge for hundreds of thousands of people.



 In May, the worst floods in over a century dislodged countless mines and deposited them in new locations, from farm fields to the back yards of local residents. The flooding also unearthed previously undiscovered mass graves, making some citizens hopeful that they may finally be reunited with the remains of their lost loved ones. VICE News traveled to northern Bosnia to tag along with the team in charge of de-mining the countryside, and met residents still reeling from the horrors of war.

  August  21     2014      

  The Pentagon is adding to its arsenal of weapons in Norway’s caves


In the heart of Norway’s countryside, the U.S. military is bolstering its arsenal of weapons with tanks, gun trucks and other armored vehicles along with hundreds of containers of equipment.


This 1997 aerial photograph shows the entrance to a cave facility the U.S. military uses in the Trondheim

region of central Norway. (Defense Department photo ) 


The Washington Post  The Marine Corps is overseeing the effort, which expands the existing Marine Corps Prepositioning Program. It stashes weapons, vehicle and armor in several locations across the world, including Norway, whichfirst signed an agreement with the United States to do so in 1981, Marine officials said.

The equipment is kept in climate-controlled caves in central Norway, giving the Marines equipment that is closer than the East Coast to use in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Much of what stored in the caves was pulled out and sent to the Middle East ahead of the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

  August  21     2014      

New Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Shot SIX Times In The Front Consistent With Eyewitness Accounts 



  August  21     2014      

  700,000 immigrants to UK can't speak English – report


Hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the UK are unable to get professional help learning English because of government cuts, a think tank says.



RT  While government support for English courses for migrants is falling, the demand for these courses is likely to grow as the number of UK immigrants rises, according to a report released by the think tank Demos on Monday. It has been estimated that ethnic minorities will make up between 25 percent and 43 percent of the population by 2056.

Only 150,000 migrants are currently registered in English classes – meaning that as many as 700,000 are being “left voiceless,” the report warns.

Using a freedom of information request, the think tank Demos found that government funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages courses has reduced by 40 percent in the past five years, from £212 million in 2008-09 down to £128 million in 2012-13.

  August  21     2014      

  Conspiracy Of Silence / The Franklin Cover-up


  August  21     2014     

 Triclosan, chemical in toothpaste linked to cancer, bone malformation and hormone disruption, has been in toothpaste for 17 years

NaturalNews   Though its toxicity is well documented, the antibacterial, antifungal chemical triclosan is still being used as an active ingredient in Colgate Total toothpaste -- and has been for nearly two decades! Hidden pages of documents submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in the 1990s reveal that triclosan is a known endocrine disruptor that inhibits proper growth and development, and yet it continues to be used in a toothpaste product used by millions of Americans

  August  21     2014      

Biden, Kerry and Their Sons Paid Big Money by Ukraine Gas Company


Ukraine, the country now taken over by a coup d état of Israeli and the U.S. and ruled by brutal Jewish oligarchs, is set to receive billions of dollars in arms for its military from the Obama Administration. But the Ukrainians had to prove their loyalty to the Jews and to Zionism to get these armaments.



First, Ukraine’s corrupt new governors agreed to make U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, a board member of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest gas company. Hunter Biden will also be the chief legal officer of Burisma.

“This is totally based on merit,” said Burisma’s chairman, the Jew, Al Apker.

Uh huh.

Another American, Devon Archer, was also promoted to the board. Who is Archer? Well Devon Archer and Hunter Biden are business cronies. Together with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, they own a mysterious private equity firm called “Rosemart Seneca Partners.” 

  August  21     2014  

 ISIS are Sunni Impostors & Saudi-CIA Shills (?)


 Right . John McCain meets with Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS in

 Aleppo in April 2013. Source


Henrymakow  ISIS pretends to lead a Sunni resurgence but in fact they are not Sunnis.David Livingstone explains they are Salafis, a longstandingIlluminati proxy aimed at dividing and conquering the Muslim world.

  August  21     2014   

  The Crushing Effects Of Radiation From The Fukushima Disaster On The Ecosystem Are Being Slowly Revealed



BI  Cattle graze in the distance at Masami Yoshizawa’s cattle farm where protest signs cover the landscape close to the devastated Fukushima plant. Masami Yoshizawa who runs the sanctuary, ‘Ranch of Hope’ for contaminated cattle, leads the movement among self-sacrificing farmers to protect cattle that were left behind in the exclusion zone in Fukushima after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant following the earthquake and tsunami in March 11, 2011. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

  August  20     2014       

  The Politics of the Ebola Serum - Harriet Washington on the Ebola Outbreak



Medical ethicist Harriet Washington explains why most pharmaceuticals companies decline to produce drugs for the developing world yet use it for clinical testing

    August  20     2014       

  French police to start wearing body cameras


Thousands of special body-mounted cameras have been ordered for the country’s police service after the Interior Ministry backed a plan that is aimed at cutting the number of attacks on police


 Mobile, body-mounted cameras like the one seen above are to be worn by

French police in  future. Photo: Fred Dufour/AFP


TheLocal  The famous blue uniform of the French police will have a subtle extra addition in future after authorities decided to equip thousands of officers with special body-mounted cameras.

Around 4, 500 have been ordered and will be worn mainly by officers working in high crime areas, the country’s Interior Ministry confirmed this week.

According to Le Figaro, which first reported the story, the cameras weigh 235 grams and contain six hours of memory.

   August  20     2014      

Elite Child Abuse Allegations And The VIP Paedo Ring


The UK’s sordid scandal and government cover-up


 The Guardian reports that Savile sexually abused up to 1,000 children whilst working for the. BBC


The powerful upper crust of the United Kingdom has been under scrutiny in the last two decades, after information has been circulating of an elite paedophile ring of media personalities and parliament members. But as the scandal shocks the nation, these revelations have exposed a much deeper sordid secret of a government cover-up.

     August  20     2014       

  Sonic Weapon Used to Push Back Reporters, Protestors



Police make use of a "sonic weapon" which emits a painful, high-frequency ringing onto a crowd to push them back in Ferguson. While it may seem like a comparatively gentle attack, the technology has been known to cause permanent hearing damage.

  August  20     2014      

  What's really in your lipstick? From chillies to insects, the bizarre ingredients that give you the perfect pout


From vampy plum to pale pink, most women own at least a handful of lipsticks. 
But few will have considered the ingredients that give them the perfect pout.

Now, one chemistry teacher has revealed the strange components that go into lipstick, including insects, wax and even chilli.



DailyMail  A single lipstick contains several hundred different chemical compounds to give it the desired colour, glossiness, and indelibility.

And while ingredients will differ between brands, there are a number of essential ingredients, according to Bournemouth-based teacher Andy Brunning who is the author of the blog, Compound Interest.
The pigment used in red lipstick is often made from crushed cochineal bugs, which live on cacti.

The colour is known as Carmine red – or carminic acid – and is prepared by boiling the insect bodies in ammonia or sodium carbonate solution.

  August  20      2014       

  Social Connection? ISIS supporters post pics from around Europe



The UN refugee agency has begun a major aid operation to help over half a million Iraqis displaced by violence. The country's forces met fierce resistance from Islamic State militants in Tikrit, just north-west of Baghdad forcing the army to halt its operations. Jihadists have vowed to, quote, 'drown America in blood', after losing control of a key dam on Monday.

  August  20      2014       

  Are we on the Verge of Renewed Race Riots with the Turn in the War Cycle in 2014?



InfoWars  There is an old saying that is very important in its depth – divide and conquer. Yes the Black Community is outraged. But have things really remained the same or are we dealing with a new movement of government against the people? Most Americans are at least aware of or remember the race-related riots that tore throughout numerous cities in the United States during the 1960s. Between 1964 and 1971, civil disturbances (as many as 700, by one count) resulted in large numbers of injuries, deaths, and arrests, as well as considerable property damage, concentrated in predominantly black areas.

  August  19      2014      

  The CIA Caused A Polio Outbreak In Pakistan



 When the White House went public with its catching-bin-Laden story, they told every media outlet just about every detail of the raid possible. They even allowed a Hollywood blockbuster to be made about the event. There was so much leakage of information that Dianne Feinstein called for a criminal investigation. Among the leaks was the information that the CIA had recruited doctors to collect DNA samples to help find bin Laden by going door to door to vaccinate people. The Taliban learned of this and started banning vaccines. Now, there is a huge resurgence of polio in Pakistan. The Resident discusses

  August  19      2014       

  Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me” : A Video About Monarch Programming


Lindsey Stirling is not your typical pop star because, for one, she’s a violinist. However, looking at the imagery of her video “Shatter Me”, we realize that there is not much differentiating her from other pop acts:  Her most successful single is indeed all about Monarch mind control. We’ll look at the symbolism of “Shatter Me”. 



Vigilantcitizen.  Shatter Me is proof that the Illuminati Agenda is not only imposed on big-time mainstream acts, but also on artists who appeal to “niche” markets. Lindsey Stirling is a violinist and a dancer who became a YouTube sensation with over four million subscribers and 600 million total views. In 2010 she was a quarter-finalist on the show America’s Got Talent, where she was known as the “hip-hop violinist”. Stirling is involved with the LDS Church and was featured in their “I’m a Mormon” campaign. She was also asked to perform in other important events organized by the LDS Church.

  August  19      2014       

  Ukraine Officially Recognizes Russian Aid Convoy as Humanitarian


Ukraine Minister of Social Policy Lyudmila Denisova has signed an order officially recognizing the Russian convoy stuck at the border as humanitarian aid cargo of the International Committee of the Red Cross.


 A convoy of Kamaz trucks carrying humanitarian aid for people in southeastern Ukraine in a rest area not

far from Kamensk-Shakhtinsky in the Rostov Region. (RIA Novosti/Maksim Blinov)


RT  Russian and Ukrainian officials have agreed on Sunday to proceed with the inspection of the first group of 16 Russian trucks of the humanitarian convoy, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said.

The ICRC will be supervising the delivery of the aid and will go ahead after it receives security guarantees from the warring sides in Ukraine.

  August  19      2014      

  Some coffee producers add corn, wood and dirt fillers to cut costs and increase profit


NaturalNews  Billions of people around the globe love to have coffee throughout the day, and in the United States, especially, there is a growing market for specialty blends and brews. The fresher (and, in many cases, the more expensive), the better.

But researchers are warning coffee drinkers to beware of surprise ingredients that are neither sweet nor flavorful, and they are hiding in your coffee. Worse, as coffee becomes in shorter supply, chances will increase that these non-coffee fillers will be mixed in with your favorite blend in the future.

  August  19      2014       

  Europe pays farmers to destroy food hit by Russian ban


The latest: Farmers in Europe will be paid to destroy or give away fruit and vegetables to stop prices from collapsing after Russia banned imports in retaliation for Western sanctions.  



CNN  EU officials said Monday they were setting aside 125 million euros ($167 million) to compensate producers for not selling a range of perishable items, harvesting them before they ripen or leaving them to rot.

"This is a measure aimed at reducing the level of supply so the prices don't drop to crisis levels," said European Commission spokesman Roger Waite.

Russia hit back at the latest round of Western sanctions over Ukraine with its own year-long ban onimports of foodfrom Europe, the U.S., Australia, Canada and Norway.

The emergency assistance will take effect immediately and run until November, under existing EU rules covering support for farmers' incomes in times of crisis.

Related: Putin factor snuffs out European growth

  August  19      2014     

  Report: about 40 politicians in UK pedophile ring


UK police have opened an investigation into claims of a Westminster pedophile ring, saying they have a list of about 40 alleged child abusers, including over 10 current and former British politicians.



PressTV  Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, whose claims prompted Operation Fernbridge, disclosed in his the latest report that up to 40 members of parliament and peers knew about or took part in the child abuse network.
Operation Fernbridge is a Scotland Yard investigation into allegations of a pedophile network with links to Downing Street.
Lawmakers - including former ministers and household names - from all three main political parties are included on the list.
Some of the alleged child abusers remain active in the UK parliament, while several others, including Cyril Smith and Peter Morrison, have already died.

  August  19      2014      

  'Important changes coming' - Assange's friend



After spending more than two years trapped in a tiny embassy room, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made a sudden announcement that he will leave the embassy 'soon'. For more perspective on what Assange had to say, and why he said it RT talks to someone who knows him personally - Gavin Macfadyen, Director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism.

  August  19      2014    

Your Favorite Disney Characters Experiment With Drugs and Gay Sex


 Artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros' latest exhibition, “Profanity Pop,” is the best of Disney fan fiction come to life



Vocativ  People complain about the Disneyfication of children all the time, so one can only imagine how hard it must be for the characters themselves to live up to the unrealistic expectations of a fairytale existence. Now artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros is helping them cast off their bejeweled shackles and stick it to the man, aka Walter “Walt” Disney.

  August  18      2014      

  The Truth About the Ferguson Riots & Martial Law



They want riots, they want martial law. Ferguson is a trial balloon for the entire country

   August  18      2014     

Katy Perry Sued For Witchcraft Illuminati And Plagiarism


Christian band file lawsuit against singer for plagiarism



NeoNette  It's FlameKategate. She is the bubblegum-princess pop sensation, he is the Missouri born Christian rapper looking to sue her for all she's worth. But the juiciest thing about Katy Perry and Flame's feud is the witchcraft and black magic claims that surround the allegations.

   August  18      2014     

  World peace? These are the only 11 countries in the world that are actually free from conflict


With the crisis in Gaza, the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria and the international stand-off ongoing in Ukraine, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is at war 


As new wars and civil unrests seem to be flaring up every week, we look for the only

countries in the world that could be considered ‘conflict-free’


Independet UK  With the crisis in Gaza, the rise of Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria and the international stand-off ongoing in Ukraine, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is at war.

But experts believe this is actually almost universally the case, according to a think-tank which produces one of the world’s leading measures of “global peacefulness” – and things are only going to get worse.

  August  17      2014     

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